The object of research of the chair of computational electromagnetics is modelling and simulation of electromagnetic and multiphysical phenomena by means of numerical solutions of partial differential equations and in particular of Maxwell's equations. We are working on all the development stages, mainly on modelling and the development of numerical algorithms, but also on real-world applications. For this work existence, uniqueness and differentiability of solutions, robustness, convergence and scalability of the algorithms are as important as their efficient implementation, e.g., acceleration of numerical linear algebra by Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).


Recent software projects

  • ANTHEM – Automatic Netlist generator for THermo-EM field problems
  • BEMBEL – BEM-Based Engineering Library
  • M-OCS – A Circuit Simulator for Matlab and Octave
  • Octave App – macOS port of GNU Octave
  • Parareal – A Matlab/Octave Parareal implementation for the simulation of electrical machines

Data and code for many recent papers can be found at our github account.