Simulation of Electric Machines
Multiphysical modelling, simualtion, optimization

Computer Aided Machine Design

Intensified by the energy transition, efficient and robust designs of electromechanical energy converters, especially electrical machines, are gaining in importance. Be it as a drive or component in the automotive industry, in industrial automation or in household appliances. Machines should be developed close to the technical limit, but this requires transient analyses and uncertainties to be considered early in the design process. Currently, corresponding analyses are often performed late in the development process, so that optimal robust designs may not be considered.

Energy converters are mathematically described by a multiphysics system composed of the electromagnetic field, rotor motion, thermal field, vibrations, and electrical input from a circuit. The modeling leads to a complex coupled system of partial differential algebraic equations, which must be discretized using finite elements, for example.

Research in the group includes problem-specific modelling, model order reduction and analysis that takes uncertainties into account, method development for spatial and time discretization, and parallel simulation and robust optimization.