Photo Name Working area(s)
Dr.-Ing. Zeger BontinckSimulation and Robust Optimization for Electric Devices with Uncertainties
Dr.-Ing. Lorenzo Bortot
Quench Protection in High Temperature Superconducting Accelerator Magnets
Dr.-Ing. Thorben CasperElectrothermal Field and Circuit Simulation of Thin Wires and Evaluation of Failure Probabilities
Dr.-Ing. Jacopo CornoNumerical Methods for the Estimation of the Impact of Geometric Uncertainties on the Performance of Electromagnetic Devices
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Idoia Cortes GarciaMathematical Analysis and Simulation of Field Models in Accelerator Circuits
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Dölz
Boundary element methods, hierarchical matrices and uncertainty quantification
Dr.-Ing. David DuqueTime Domain Simulation and Uncertainty Quantification for Coupled Nanoelectronic Problems
Dr.-Ing. Martin EllerA Low-Frequency Stable Maxwell Formulation in Frequency Domain and Industrial Applications
Dr.-Ing. Niklas Georg
Simulation of RF and Optical Components with Uncertainty Quantification
Dr.-Ing. Radoslav JankoskiStochastic Modeling of Magnetic Properties by Using Random Fields
Dr.-Ing. Mariusz KlimekSpace-Time Discretization of Maxwell's Equations in the Setting of Geometric Algebra
Dr-Ing. Iryna Kulchytska-RuchkaMulti-rate time-integration combined with domain decomposition of electric-machine simulation
Dr.-Ing. Florian MuthEfficient Calculation of Scattering Parameters within the Scope of a Black Box Domain Decomposition Method for the Maxwell’s Equations
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Innocent NiyonzimaParallel and Explicit Methods for the Simulation of Eddy Current Problems
Benjamin Northe M.Sc.Isogeometric Partial Element Equivalent Circuit Method (IgA-PEEC)
Dr.-Ing. Andreas PelsMultirate modeling and simulation of pulse-width modulated power converters
Dr.-Ing, Christian RichterContributions to the acceleration of numerical simulations of electroquasistatic field distributions (at Bergische Universität Wuppertal)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Römer
Numerical Approximation of the Magnetoquasistatic Model with Uncertainties and its Application to Magnet Design
Dr.-Ing. Abele SimonaNumerical Methods for the Modelling of Charged Particles Motion in Magnetic Fields

Academic Genealogy

Based on data from the Mathematics Genealogy Project and some other sources, we have tried to compile the academic ancestors of the group. It contains researchers from various disciplines from mathematics and engineering to medicine. The software used is Genegrapher and eventually Graphpviz.