Software Development for CERN’s Finite Element Quench Simulation (FiQuS) Framework

HiWi Position

CERN recently started a project to build a comprehensive open-source quench simulation tool called FiQuS (Finite Element Quench Simulation). It is based on the finite element (FE) framework GetDP and FE mesher Gmsh. The idea is to build a flexible tool which allows users to build and simulate complex models from human-readable input files hiding the complexity of the underlying kernel.

FiQuS is written mostly in python with small parts written in GetDP’s own scripting language. Following modern software engineering standards, focus is put on continuous integration and deployment, in particular comprehensive testing of all parts of the software. Furthermore, the use of high-performance computing is planned to be integrated while keeping the tool simple to use.

We are looking for a motivated student to help our team shape FiQuS and make this new and demanding project succeed. The exact details of the work can be discussed depending on the wishes of the student and range from software engineering tasks to building finite element models. Possible duties may include

  • Setup of automated and comprehensive testing in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Maintenance of the gitlab project including CI/CD, wiki, documentation
  • Development of template finite element formulations or model geometries
  • Preparation of the tool for use of high-performance computing methods