Information on Exams

Frequently asked questions about oral exams

You can read about it yourself in TUCaN. If there is nothing registered, please contact my secretary.

In S4|10-317 (Dolivostraße 15, 64293 Darmstadt).

It is advisable to be there at least 5-10 minutes in advance. You are welcome to wait in the corner room on the 3rd floor and we will call you in.

We ask you to come to the exam room one by one, where the professor and a reporter will wait to ask questions and write the exam protocol, respectively.

You may choose the first question of the exam. It is recommended to prepare a small “presentation” (up to 5 minutes). The presentation must deal with relevant topics of the lecture. It is recommended to practice the presentation several times, especially if it is your first oral examination.

In the main part of the examination, you must answer questions on the entire content of the course. You will have to write down equations, algorithms, and sketches.

You are not allowed to bring notes, programs or presentations. You will develop your answers live on paper during the exam. Sketches, formulas and important key points are thus recorded in writing.

As always with exams, you should have a photo ID and student ID with you. Paper and pens will be provided. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own pens. You do not need a computer or pocket calculator.

You can cancel your registration via TUCaN up to 8 days before the exam. If this is not possible, please contact the examination secretariat (and me). Sickness notifications must be submitted promptly.