Modeling and Simulation of Magnetostrictive Effects in EAS tag using FEM/IGA

Masterarbeit, Studienarbeit, Bachelorarbeit

1. Context

Magnetostrictive Electronic Article Surveillance Tags (EAS) are a common tool to prevent shoplifting and make use of the magnetoelastic coupling to convert electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy and vice versa. They usually consist of thin magnetostrictive metal strips (see Fig. 1) that vibrate once exposed to the magnetic field at the exit of the shop. This, in turn, changes the magnetization of the strip, inducing an AC voltage and activating an alarm in the detector.

2. Tasks

  • Study the relevant equations of linear elasticity, the Euler-Bernoulli beam theory (e.g. in [1]) and electromagnetism.
  • Set up a coupled model describing the deformation (longitudinal vibrations) of the metal strip and the change of its magnetization.
  • Discretize the model using FEM or IGA and implement it to the software Matlab and/or GeoPDES [2].

3. Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of solid mechanics, elasticity theory and Maxwell’s equations, background in FEM, experience in programming in Matlab

4. References

[1] Bauchau O.A., Craig J.I. (2009) Euler-Bernoulli beam theory. Structural Analysis. Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, vol 163. Springer, Dordrecht

[2] R. Vásquez, URL