Teaching despite the coronavirus

All lectures and seminars take place as planned. However, there will be no traditional classes and we will take advantage of e-learning platforms.


All courses are offered as planned, see here

Bachelor and Master Thesis

Bachelor and master's theses topics are still available, see here. If necessary we will supply students with the necessary hardware and software. Contact us if you have questions.

E-Learning Platform

We will use Zoom and Microsoft Teams for teaching. All students enrolled in one of these courses according to TUCaN will be contacted before the lecture period and invited to the Teams platform. Please contact us if you do not receive a message.


The form of examination for the above courses is either by final paper, presentation, or oral examination. The latter are currently conducted exclusively as a video conference in Zoom. During the examination the camera must be switched on and the examined person must assure to be alone in the room and not to use any inadmissible aids, i.e. in particular no programs may run in the background, which are suitable to simplify the examination. Upon request, the examiner may require the person to be examined to share his or her screen or to show the room.

In order to simplify oral examinations from home, we suggest one of the following alternatives

  • dial into the exam with, in addition to the computer, a tablet that allows pen input and can run the Zoom client (e.g. iOS, Android). Then we can write digitally together on the Zoom whiteboard. It is best to dial into Zoom on the tablet without internet audio to avoid an audio feedback loop
  • Connect a second camera to your computer and share its image in Zoom. Point the camera so that you can write on a piece of paper and it will be captured by the camera (if necessary, it is worth making a tripod)
  • dial into the exam with a smartphone (e.g Android, iOS) in addition to the computer. Point the camera so that you can write on a sheet of paper and it will be captured by the camera (if necessary, it is worth making a tripod). Dial into Zoom on the phone preferably without Internet audio to avoid an audio feedback loop
  • borrow a Wacom graphics tablet from us and connect it to your computer. It is best to try it out beforehand to get used to writing on the device (request to )

Consulting Hours

Please contact us via e-mail! We will then arrange for example a phone call or video conference.

General Information

More information on the Corona virus and teaching can be found