Teaching despite the coronavirus

All lectures and seminars in the summer term 2020 will take place as planned after April, 20th. However, there will be no traditional classes and we will take advantage of e-learning platforms.


The following courses are offered as planned

  • Erfolgreich Computational Engineering studieren II (25-00-2007-se, in German language)
  • Project seminar electromagnetic CAD (18-dg-1060-pj, in German and/or English language)
  • Proseminar (18-sc-1000-ps, in German and/or English language)
  • Softwarepraktikum zu Verfahren und Anwendungen der Feldsimulation I (18-dg-1041-pr, at least some knowledge of German language necessary)

More information on those courses can be found here.

Bachelor and Master Thesis

Bachelor and master's theses topics are still available, see here. If necessary we will supply students with the necessary hardware and software. Contact us if you have questions.

E-Learning Platform

We will use Microsoft Teams for teaching. All students enrolled in one of these courses according to TUCaN will be contacted by e-mail at the beginning of the lecture period, i.e. in the week from 20 to 24 April, and will be invited to the Teams platform. Please contact us if you do not receive a message.


The form of examination for these courses is either oral, by final paper or presentation. If necessary, these can be conducted by video conference.

Consulting Hours

Please contact us via e-mail! We will then arrange for example a phone call or video conference.

General Information

More information on the Corona virus and teaching can be found