Publications 2019


Galetzka, Armin ; Bontinck, Zeger ; Römer, Ulrich ; Schöps, Sebastian (2019):
A multilevel Monte Carlo method for high-dimensional uncertainty quantification of low-frequency electromagnetic devices.
In: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, IEEE, S. 1-12, 55, (8), ISSN 0018-9464,
DOI: 10.1109/TMAG.2019.2911053,

Pels, Andreas ; Schöps, Sebastian ; Wolf, Felix (2019):
Octave, Füchse und Pinguine — Numerische Mathematik mit dem Rechenprogramm Octave.
In: c't, S. 146-152, 15, [Online-Edition:],

Georg, Niklas ; Ackermann, Wolfgang ; Corno, Jacopo ; Schöps, Sebastian (2019):
Uncertainty Quantification for Maxwell's Eigenproblem based on Isogeometric Analysis and Mode Tracking.
In: Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Elsevier, S. 228-244, 350, ISSN 0045-7825,
DOI: 10.1016/j.cma.2019.03.002,

Kulchytska-Ruchka, Iryna ; De Gersem, Herbert ; Schöps, Sebastian (2019):
An efficient steady-state analysis of the eddy current problem using a parallel-in-time algorithm.
In: The Tenth International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics (CEM 2019), Edinburgh, UK, [Online-Edition:],
[Book section]

Casper, Thorben ; Duque, David ; Schöps, Sebastian ; De Gersem, Herbert (2019):
Automated Netlist Generation for 3D Electrothermal and Electromagnetic Field Problems.
In: Journal of Computational Electronics, 1809.08588, [Article]

Cortes Garcia, Idoia ; De Gersem, Herbert ; Schöps, Sebastian (2019):
A Structural Analysis of Field/Circuit Coupled Problems Based on a Generalised Circuit Element.
In: Numerical Algorithms, Springer, ISSN 1017-1398,
DOI: 10.1007/s11075-019-00686-x,

Friedhoff, Stephanie ; Hahne, Jens ; Kulchytska-Ruchka, Iryna ; Schöps, Sebastian (2019):
Exploring Parallel-in-Time Approaches for Eddy Current Problems.
In: Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2018, Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer, [Book section]

Friedhoff, Stephanie ; Hahne, Jens ; Schöps, Sebastian (2019):
Multigrid-reduction-in-time for Eddy Current Problems.
In: Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Wiley, [Book section]

Gander, Martin J. ; Kulchytska-Ruchka, Iryna ; Niyonzima, Innocent ; Schöps, Sebastian (2019):
A New Parareal Algorithm for Problems with Discontinuous Sources.
In: SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, SIAM, S. B375-B395, 41(2), (2), ISSN 1064-8275,
DOI: 10.1137/18M1175653,

Jankoski, Radoslav ; Römer, Ulrich ; Schöps, Sebastian (2019):
Stochastic modeling of magnetic hysteretic properties by using multivariate random fields.
In: International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, Begell House, S. 85-102, 9, (1), ISSN 2152-5080,
DOI: 10.1615/Int.J.UncertaintyQuantification.2019025638,

Krimm, Alexander ; Casper, Thorben ; Schöps, Sebastian ; De Gersem, Herbert ; Chamoin, Ludovic (2019):
Proper Generalized Decomposition of Parameterized Electrothermal Problems Discretized by the Finite Integration Technique.
In: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, IEEE, 55, (6), ISSN 0018-9464,
DOI: 10.1109/TMAG.2019.2907223,

Pels, Andreas ; Gyselinck, Johan ; Sabariego, Ruth V. ; Schöps, Sebastian (2019):
Efficient simulation of DC-DC switch-mode power converters by multirate partial differential equations.
In: IEEE Journal on Multiscale and Multiphysics Computational Techniques, S. 64-75, 4, (1), ISSN 2379-8793,
DOI: 10.1109/JMMCT.2018.2888900,

Pulch, Roland ; Schöps, Sebastian (2019):
Sparse Representations for Uncertainty Quantification of a Coupled Field-Circuit Problem.
In: Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2018, Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer, [Book section]

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