Lichtenberg Workshop

One-day workshop on computational electromagnetics and accelerator science


On July, 22nd the Institute for Accelerator Science and Electromagnetic Fields organized one-day workshop in the Lichtenberghaus of TU Darmstadt. The keynote was given by Prof. Dr. Roman Dyczij-Edlinger from Saarland University. Invited speakers were Dr. Lorenzo Bortot from Renaissance Fusion, Dr. Iryna Kulchytska-Ruchka from Robert Bosch GmbH, Dr. Jens Schweickhardt fromPE-Systems GmbH, Dr. Abele Simona from MOXOFF, Dr. Mehdi Elasmi from KIT, Dr. Jonathan Stysch from Robert Bosch GmbH, Dr. Niklas Georg from the Zeiss Group, Dr. Melvin Liebsch from CERN and Prof. Dr. Idoia Cortes Garcia from TU Eindhoven.