Technology that inspires: Schoolgirl project days 2020 at the CEM group

Transmitting energy through the air


From 27 to 29 January 2020, the 4th project days for schoolgirls took place at the etit department. About 40 students from the Eleonorenschule Darmstadt and the Melibokusschule Alsbach-Hähnlein attended workshops on various fields of electrical engineering and information technology. The project days were organized by the decentralized equal opportunities team with the aim of inspiring female students for (electrical) engineering and etit studies. Support was provided by the departments of Measurement and Sensor Technology, Lighting Technology and Computational Electromagnetics.

The eldest pupils enjoyed a high-energy experience: The workshop focused on the transmission of forces through the air by means of electromagnetic fields. How did the idea of transmitting energy in this way come about in the first place? And how does it work exactly? With the help of simulation programs, the participants were able to make their own theoretical predictions, which were then tested using practical examples.